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Fresh Eyewear Trends to Match Your Summer Looks

Debbie Mozelle Designer Optical OpticianEveryone loves to have a coordinated outfit-that doesn’t stop with your eyewear!Here are some ideas on trendy styles to match your fun and fresh fits: A Pop of ColourOne trend that’s starting to gain traction is the monochrome...

Fashion Trends in Eyewear

This article is a short overview of the different eyewear fashion trends in 2021. Eyewear, like any accessory, is crucial in creating the perfect outfit for any occasion. Depending on your aesthetic, you can rock different shapes, colours and styles of glasses to fit...

Debbie Mozelle: The Importance of Annual Eye Exams

This post stresses the importance of regular optometry appointments. It also informs the reader on various eye conditions that can arise as a result of poor visual health.It can be difficult to find time to spare for an eye test amidst your busy life, especially when...

Different Types Of Lenses- Which Are For You?

This post lists the different varieties of lenses available to customers of DebbieMozelle. It explains the intended wearer of each lens and informs the reader on how each lens functions. .Single Vision Lenses If you are a glasses wearer who is unaware of the vast...

Trends in Glasses in 2020

This article looks at the trends in glasses in 2020 and recommends a few pairs as well. It looks for sizing, practicality, as well as personal style. ________________________________________ After a hectic year, you deserve to trade in those old, beat-up frames for a...

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