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Debbie Mozelle Designer Optical Trends in 2021

This article is a short overview of the different eyewear fashion trends in 2021. Eyewear, like any accessory, is crucial in creating the perfect outfit for any occasion. Depending on your aesthetic, you can rock different shapes, colours and styles of glasses to fit your personality. Your clothes and accessories can be a great creative outlet.

‘Rock Chic’ Look

If you’re going for the ‘rock chic’ look, a stylish pair of sunglasses is your best bet. Opt for a dark, angular pair to highlight your edgy style. Whether it be large square glasses or smaller cat-eye ones, try them in all black, and you’re bound to look great. The term sophisticated can be subjective; however, there are some easy guidelines to follow when picking an elevated pair of eyewear.

‘Sophisticated’ Look

For a sophisticated look, stick to sleek shapes with simple lines (not too angular) and rich colours. Taking a more subtle route with this accessory will help you to achieve your perfect look. For a bit of a change while remaining modest, try clear frames to add a touch of modernity without being overpowering.

A man in sunglasses and a dark hoodie stands at the bottom of a stairway

‘Sporty’ Look

For a sporty look, you must decide on the use for these glasses: will you be playing high-intensity sports in them, or will you be simply enjoying the time in the sun with maybe a light workout.

If you are playing an intense sport, you want glasses that will protect your eyes from any possible debris that could hurt them, such as dust or dirt. For this reason, you’ll want a sturdy and robust pair of glasses. They can also be tinted for your liking or simply a fun colour. The primary importance of these glasses is that they wrap around to protect your eyes from the front and sides.

If you are looking for a sporty look without the added safety, glasses with a rounded bottom to the frame and a straight top are a perfect choice. You can opt for a bright coloured frame or even metallic tinted lenses for an even more fun and fresh look. Whether it be motorcycle or bicycle, eyewear for bikers is very similar to safety sports glasses. Ideally, choose a strong pair and wrap around since you will potentially encounter loose debris and particles that could harm your eyes.

Traditionally, biker glasses in movies or TV shows are always entirely black and sleek. You can either go with this look or change it up with a colourful wraparound frame.

‘Executive’ Look

Executive glasses tend to have thin frames and be more rectangular-shaped. This style is similar to the sophisticated look; keep it simple and refined. You can either go with the traditional black frames or branch out with different shades of brown for this is on the cooler or warmer side.

Large frame glasses sitting in a row on a desk
A woman holds up a pair of glasses in a shop in front of a mirror


Eyewear, when chosen strategically, can work to your advantage in presenting the best you. First impressions count, and eyewear can help to show others a taste of your personality. A pair of glasses can also present itself as an extra creative outlet to express yourself through and through. Whether you choose a simple and sleek look or vibrant and colourful, it tells a story about who you are.


Written by MWP Staff: Payton Irvine
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