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“Frame Colours That Will Make Your Eyes Pop!”

This post details glasses colours that harmonise with or contrast eye colours and hair colours

Glasses are like any piece of clothing, they express our style and boost our confidence! While you will look good in whatever you feel good in, there are some colours that naturally compliment your hair and eye colour that can guide you to a frame you’ll love.

Eye Color

Blue eyes
If you are looking to make your eyes pop, go for an orange frame. The complimentary colours will play off each other nicely.

Green eyes
Red is green’s complementary colour and will create a beautiful contrast, however, it is the least common colour combination since it can be quite loud. Go for a gold or a purple frame for a more harmonious look.

Grey eyes
Congratulations to those with grey eyes! Any bold colour will look striking with this neutral tone. However, choosing grey lenses may wash you out a bit.

Hazel eyes
Hazel eyes often switch from green to brown in different lighting settings, so choosing a green or brown frame can give you the best of both worlds. Some days it provides contrast, while others it brings out the color of your iris.

Brown eyes
Cool colours, like green and blue will stand out against warm toned brown eyes. But if you are looking to enhance as opposed to contrast the colour of your eyes, tortoiseshell is a great colour choice. The two toned brown will brighten up your eye colour.

Eye colour is a great guide when choosing glasses colour, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Those more interested in smaller frames, or with less defined eyes may want to choose frames that compliment their hair colour instead.

Hair Color

Black hair
If your hair is black, tortoiseshell glasses of drak frames will help you achieve a polished, sophisticated look. Brighter frames will add a perfect amount of colour to finish off an outfit.

Brown hair
Similar to those with black hair, dark frames will give you a classic, refined look but if you want to experiment with something new, try clear or pastel frames.

Blonde hair
Blonde hair can come in many shades, with various different undertones that can greatly affect what pair to choose. If you are more of a “dirty” blonde, with darker undertones, choose warm coloured frames, like brown or red. If you are closer to the plaintiff side of things, go for bold colours that provide contrast. However, most blondes do not suit yellow or pastel green frames, as they can give the skin a sickly look, so it is best to shy away from those.

Red hair
Jewel tones like violet or jade look stunning against vibrant red hair. Gold can also look great.

Grey hair
Like grey eyes, grey hair is incredibly versatile and will pair well with most frames. For a subdued look, go for a medium grey – black frame, or to add a pop, choose any bright colour you wish.

While this guide can help steer you in the right direction, at the end of the day, there is no formula for choosing glasses that look great on you. At Debbie Mozelle, our associates understand the need for a perfect fit and will work with you to find it. Visit us in-store at 5501 204 St #123 in Langley or at 1554 Foster St in White Rock to browse our selection.

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Written by MWP Staff: Isabella Harmel

How to choose the right glasses frame colour