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“16 Funky Frames For The Young and Old Alike”

Ages 15-20: The Trends From Decades Past

Today’s teenagers appear to be glancing to the past for fashion inspiration. Thrift shopping, taking your parents old clothes and buying clothes to achieve “vintage aesthetic” has recently become trendy with the teenage demographic. These glasses draw insportain from decades past and utilise the technology of the day to create a gorgeous frame.

Telegraph Hill-52- Clearly
These 80’s inspired glasses that resemble a certain iconic MCU hero are available with blue light blocking coating, protecting your teen’s developing eyes from blue light. Cleary offers the frames in three colours, mustard, peach ice and tortoise (pictured).

Groove- Eyebuydirect
The Groove lenses are available in pink, blue tortoise, tortoise ivory tortoise and clear. They are a fashion statement sure to accentuate any outfit.

Round Glasses #414925- Zenni
These wire-rimmed glasses are available as progressive lenses for those with prescriptions from -5.00-+5.00. Available in tortoise (pictured) or black.

Ray-Ban RB6392- Ray-Ban
Ray-Ban’s model 6392 frames take inspiration from the 60’s, the first decade to recognize the importance of youth in the global fashion market. You have the option of adding a UV coating to the frames as well. Available in gold (pictured) or silver.

Ages 21-39: Why Fit In When You Can Stand Out?

Young adults lead very busy lives, trying to balance the joy of being young with the need to settle into a career. They follow the trends, but unlike the teenagers, everyone tries to have a unique take on what is popular. These four unique frames will be a perfect fit for young adults looking to make their unique mark on the world.

Killarney-52- Main and Central
These frames’ slight deviation from the aviator shape in favour of a fresh take on a classic makes them awesome to begin with. However it is the clear version they offer (pictured) that makes them one of the most unique en vogue lenses out

Prescription Steampunk Glasses- Steampunk Goggles RX
Looking to make a statement? For an out of the box look? Order a pair of these prescription steampunk glasses. Looking like they were plucked from a 1800’s factory, these glasses take any outfit from zero to a ten instantly! Available in silver (pictured).

Cat Eye glasses #327521- Zenni
Sported by the likes of Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, cat eye glasses are certainly trendy, but the coloured gradient options set this pair apart from the rest. They are offered in breathtaking black, copper (pictured), purple, pink or navy lens gradients while still retaining the ability to function as prescription lenses.

Cat Eye Glasses #4448639- Zenni
This pair of glasses is a fusion of our last two pairs, the steam punk and the cat eye. The traditional cat eye shape is still present, but the chunkiness of the frame has a distinctly steampunk vibe to it. The pattern is the final cherry on top of these unique frames.

Ages 40-60- Sleek & Chic

As 40 approaches, most people have settled down, either in a career, with a partner or in a house. They have a strong sense of self and a well-established wardrobe that reflects that. These frames four men and women offer a more refined and professional look than the past options for those comfortable with their place in this world.

Woodrow- EyeBuyDirect
The woodrow lens is the first iteration of rimless glasses on our list and will suit the masculine frame. It is available in blue, black or golden (pictured).

Allais- Oakley
Made by one of the most trusted eyewear manufacturers in the world, the Allais by Oakley are a study and durable option for men on the go. Available in stain black, polished shadow grey (pictured), amber brown tortoise, pink milkshake, blue milkshake, polished amber or polished amethyst.

Hepburn- EyeBuyDirect
Simple, when executed well can turn into extraordinary. The Hepburn glasses, with a slight cat eye are simple, yet chic and elegant and offered in clear, grey/floral and tortoise green, ivory (pictured) or classic. These versatile frames are great for a night on the town or a day in the office.

Eclipse-48- Perspective
The aforementioned second pair of frameless glasses on this list, made for femmine faces, the eclipse-48’s provide an equal level of class and sophistication as their predecessors. Available in matte grey (pictured), matte black or shiny blue grey.

Ages 60+ – The Big Picture

As we age, eye diseases begin to affect our vision and our prescription strength. For those over 60, it is important to choose a frame that is capable of holding thicker lenses. This list includes two male and two female frames that can hold thick lenses, while accentuating your youthful features.

Ray-Ban RX5154- Ray Ban
These frames are compatible with progressive of bifocal lenses, which can eliminate the need for reading glasses. Not to mention they are very
stylish and the rimless bottoms make the lens look smaller. Available in black (pictured), brown, blue or clear.

Turbine 55- Derek Cardigan
The Turbine 55’s offer another rimless option topped with a d-line frame, which complements angular faces. They are compatible with progessive prescriptions as well. Available in matte blue (pictured).

Frances-52- Kam Dillon
Another d-line frame, these glasses will flatter your face while being comfortable, lightweight and easy to pair with any outfit. They are
compatible with progessive prescriptions as well. Available in black and rose gold

Cats Meow- Vint & York
For anyone looking to add some spice to their wardrobe, these lenses are for you. Cat eye lenses have stayed the range for decades, and you hardly wonder why! Sleek, sophisticated and a little bit playful, cat eye glasses make every day feel like an episode of a sitcom. Available in cranberry splash cream beige, green tortoise, royal purple, olive ranch, honey stripe (pictured) and two tone black and lipstick red.

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Written by MWP Staff: Isabella Harmel