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Everyone loves to have a coordinated outfit-that doesn’t stop with your eyewear!

Here are some ideas on trendy styles to match your fun and fresh fits:

A Pop of Colour
One trend that’s starting to gain traction is the monochrome look. Monochrome means to dress all in one colour, whether it be all different shades of one colour or all the same, this can be a fun eye-catching look. For this style, you can pick a colorful frame for your glasses to keep the colour scheme consistent in your accessories as well. If monochrome is too bold for your taste, try matching colourful frames with a neutral outfit to add contrast. Much like adding a colourful painting or vase in a home to an all white room, this little bit of colour can help add life to your look in a simple way.

Dimensions and Shapes
If you are someone who already incorporates a lot of colour into your summer fits, try experimenting with different frame shapes. From square to rectangle, round or even cat eye frames, working with different lines or no lines can add a different feel to a look. Sleek all black frames, particularly rectangular ones with harsh lines can make a look more professional and put together. Glasses on the smaller side in a rectangular shape, have become very popular lately and are an essential basic to include in your collection.

Playful Patterns
For those who enjoy playing with colour and fun patterns, try incorporating some of the latest trends with patterns into your looks. In 2021, retro patterns such as Hawaian floral prints, checkerboard prints, and any other Y2K inspired designs have hit a rise in popularity. These are a fun way to dress youthful and show off your playful side while staying on trend. To match these looks, opt for a colourful pair of glasses to match the playful vibe. You could also try a pair of colourful translucent shades for a more unique touch. Experimenting with different shapes is also a great way to go. For example, if your outfit has a pattern including hearts, opt for heart shaped sunnies to match. Patterned frames also work for this trend. You can get tortoise prints or even other fun animal prints. Other fun patterns are available as well such as checkered frames or even floral ones.

Size Matters
The size of your eyewear can also drastically change a look. As of late, the two extremes have been rising in popularity. Both very large or very small glasses are being seen time and time again in this year’s trend reports. Many top models have been rocking the small sunnies while influencers have been seen sporting the larger version.

Your main takeaway for this summer should be to try experimenting with some new trends and keeping the trend going through your outfit as well as accessories. Eyewear can be a great accessory to express yourself, especially in the summer since a good pair of sunglasses is crucial.

Written by MWP Staff: Payton Irvine