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Sight Testing

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What is a sight test?

A sight test is a refraction conducted for the purpose of determining the refractive error of the eye. In other words, it tests your eyes’ ability to focus. The results will help to determine what vision appliance, such as eyeglasses or contact lenses, is most appropriate to correct any deficiencies in your visual acuity—which tools will help you see better. However, a sight test does not include an eye health examination. Therefore, it is only an appropriate option if you need new eyeglasses or contact lenses but are not yet due for your next eye health examination.


What is an eye health examination?

In addition to determining refractive error, an eye health examination looks at the entire eye and visual system. It may detect eye diseases or disorders as well as other systemic health problems. An eye health examination may only be provided by an optometrist or other medical practitioner (e.g., an ophthalmologist).


What do opticians do?

Opticians are regulated health professionals who complete post-secondary education and licensing

examinations to support the eye care needs of the public in BC. Opticianry skills may include (but are not

limited to):

  • Dispensing eyeglasses, contact lenses, or low vision aids.
  • Promoting proper use of vision appliances.
  • Promoting eye health.
  • Working collaboratively with other eye care professionals.
  • Conducting independent automated refractions (sight testing).

The opticians who conduct sight tests have received additional training for this skill and must be certified by

the College of Opticians of British Columbia to provide the service to the public.



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We can change your nose pads so that your frames look brand new again, we can replace the arms , temples on your eyeglasses


We can touch up the paint on your frames, Straighten your frames out if they are bent.


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Contact lens training

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Contact lens training is a one hour appointment that includes showing you how to put the contact lenses on your eyes

We will show you the correct way of inserting the lens so that it is not inside out.

You will be able to do it yourself practice makes perfect,

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Onsite Lab

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color choices

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Eyeglass adjustments, include levelling out the arms or temples 

Making your frames tighter or looser,

Making sure if one ear is higher or lower than the other that we bend the temples 

so that the frames look straight on your face.

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