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Bifocals that are wide for extra reading area

Bifocals that are wide for extra reading area

There are different levels of happiness, and when it comes to choosing great reading glasses opt for the 35mm wide or 45mm wide type bifocals, they might have a visible line but it makes reading for hours on end easier. You could even tint the lenses for a sunglass...

Helping People See Clearly for 30 years

Helping People See Clearly for 30 yearsDebbie Mozelle Designer Optical store has been by the sea in White Rock since 1991 and is just a 15 minute walk to the beach. Walking through the doors of Debbie Mozelle Designer Optical you are going to get fun and friendly...

Contact Lenses For Everyone

April 6th 2019 Transitions contact lenses in Langley & White Rock, BC Let's talk about kids wearing contact lenses. According to a study (Walline et al 2007b) A teens quality of life and their feelings about their appearance improves when they wear contact lenses...

Fashion Ideas

High Fashion Fashion is whatever you buy , style is about how you wear it .A unique frame is only as unique as the accessories that go with it .Men , women and children of all ages love shopping for eyeglasses. Fun as in taking your whole family with you , three pairs...

Blue Blocking Lenses

What is keeping you awake at night , it could be the blue light emitted from your electronic devices We have a blue blocking coating that can be added to your progressive lenses. Total Blue ask for it by name . Exposure to too much blue light can cause your melatonin...

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