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Glasses can be a great outlet for expressing your unique style through the different styles, colours and patterns of the frames. While you will look good in whatever you feel good in, some colours, metals, and styles naturally look better on certain people based on their skin tone and face shape. These details can help you find the perfect frames for your unique taste and features.

The Best Colours for Pale Skin

With fair skin, you can either have warm or cool undertones, each having different coordinating colours. If you have warm undertones, you should lean towards earthy tones such as any shade of green or brown. You will also look great in anything ivory, navy or shades of gray. While you will want to steer clear of bright neon colours, light reds, oranges, and pinks can bring out your skin’s warmth in a significant way. The extremes of black and white can also be too harsh for this skin tone since black willbe too dark and white will wash you out. For metals, gold and rose are best for those with warm undertones; this can be useful when picking the metal on your frames.

For cool undertones, jewel tones are a perfect match. Emerald, Ruby and Amethyst are all excellent examples of these jewel tones. Along with jewel tones, any berry tone will also suit your cool undertones well. For metals, silver and platinum will be great for someone with cool undertones. Like warm undertones, black, white, and neons won’t do you any good, as well as any shades of yellow or lilac.

A woman in a brown sweater and brown wide brim hat at dusk
A collection of different colored glasses

The Best Colours for Dark Skin

People with darker skin will generally look best in warm-toned colours, from neons to pastels. The range of pinks, purples and yellows (including bronze and gold) will all look fantastic on anyone with darker tones. Contrary to pale skin tones, darkskin can pull off stark whites in a beautiful way. With dark skin, gold or silver can match depending on your preference. Dark skin tones should avoid anything cool-toned or too similar to their skin tone. Any shade of black, brown, gray or silver will potentially make you look sickly, which no one wants.

The Best Colours for Medium Skin

A general rule for all skin tones is to stay away from colours that are too close to your own skin tone. Therefore anyone with a medium skin tone should stay away from beiges, caramels, browns, certain oranges and pale pastels. Instead, you will want to look for colours that highlight the warmth of your skin. Brighter colours and jewel tones will do wonders for your skin rather than wash you out. Sticking to emeralds, rubies, amethysts, and sapphires will flatter you. Any blue, bright pink, deep pink, deep purples and any greens or reds are also good choices. Medium-toned skin can work with any metal, once again depending on preference and whether your skin is on the cooler or warmer side.

Multiple large frame glasses laid out on a row on a desk
A woman choosing a pair of glasses in front of a mirro

The Best Colours for Olive Skin

Olive skin tones are lucky in the sense that they can generally pull off any shade or colour. Having yellow and brown undertones, picture colours that go well with those tones. Overall the best colour for olive skin is pink; specifically, bright pinks will give you a nice glow mimicking a tan. Shades of green and orange also bring out the best in olive tones. Any red will look stunning, either giving you a faint glow or making your skin pop. Gold will tend to be the better-suited metal for olive skin since it tends to be on the warmer side.

The Best Frames for Different Face Shapes

Typically, no one has one exact face shape; most people are a combination of the different shapes listed below. The idea is to go based on the shape that is closest to your own.


Triangular: browline or cat-eye frames work well with the dimensions of a triangular face. Bold on top and light on the bottom for frames can serve as a good opposition for the triangular shape. However, oval frames can work to make a bolder statement as well.


Oval: a bold shape and colour can be a fun twist for someone with an oval-shaped face since they work with most styles of frames. Thes best frames, though, are square, rectangular or geometric frames.


Square: for a square face shape, thin round frames can help not overwhelm the other features of your face. Round or oval-shaped glasses will be best for someone with a square face shape since they will be a good contrast.


Round: frames with bold and angular lines, anything that will add extra dimensions or angles for a round face shape will work well. Rectangular frames will make your face appear longer and thinner, angular frames add more distinct lines to create balance, and cat-eye frames are perfect for drawing attention to your eyes.


Heart: bottom-heavy frames can create more width in the chin area since heart-shaped faces generally have narrow chins. Frames with low-set temples are perfect for those who are self-conscious of their forehead’s size by bringing attention downward. Oval-shaped framesas well as light or rimless frames, can also be beneficial for heart-shaped faces.


Written by MWP Staff: Payton Irvine
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