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High Fashion

Fashion is whatever you buy , style is about how you wear it .A unique frame is only as unique as the accessories that go with it .
Men , women and children of all ages love shopping for eyeglasses. Fun as in taking your whole family with you , three pairs would do it . I mean one for play , one for work and a casual pair not to mention sunglasses. Pin them to your outfits.
Men choose your tie to match your eyeglasses, ladies choose your earings to match your eyewear.
Down Town Langley and WhiteRock need you looking suave on their streets , choose your new signature outfit and rock some eyeglasses or sunglasses and see what a difference you will be feeling when all eyes are on you .Our Opticians do it with their pad adjusting pliers, a tweak here and a slight tilt there and your features are enhanced with the correct angle of your facial shape.
I was in Willobrook shopping mall in Langley B.C Canada the other day and I  met a few customers of ours as I was walking through the mall , I was surprised when one of them said ” Hey how do you like my new eyeglasses ? ” I knew they were not from us and I said yes not bad . ” I bought them three for one she said “
Wow , I replied saying how much did you pay for that ? She said $199.00 . Ok so I mentioned to her that you could have bought them from us for only $148.00
Anyway , my point was that we can match or beat our competitors prices . There is a lot of competition out there . She then said ” Well when I need them adjusted , I go to your store in Langley and they adjust them for free ! “
Can you believe someone would stand there and tell me that . I gave her a hug , said next time remember we can give you the same deal if that is what you want .
It is so difficult to read what your customer wants , it might be a cheap deal , or maybe they want the best of the best . It is our job to try and find out which eyewear product and price range suits our client.
In our stores you can actually try on the eyeglasses and be helped by a trained proffessional . Free eye sight testing and direct billing to your insurance provider.
Set your own trend and create your own style at affordable prices that make you feel special.Cast your seasons to the wind start using your imagination tell us exactly what you want , if you do not know what you want then ask us to suggest something .
We are here to be at your service thats why we are there. Love to help , feel free to drop by .

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We care about your eyeglass needs so just tell us what you want , we are easy to talk to .


New Mens Trends

Roll up your pants , wear a pair of ripped jeans and get your casual sunglasses and plastic black frames on , we can help .

Eyeglasses and Boots , Eyeglasses and loose cardigans , sunglasses and striped capris

Create Your Own Style

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Wear your hats to compliment your hair color and eyeglasses .

When it comes to business casual , there are two things to remember , match your eyeglasses to the accessories that you are wearing  and always make sure your eyes are centered right in the middle of the frame.

Bussiness Casual

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