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April 6th 2019

Transitions contact lenses

Let’s talk about kids wearing contact lenses . According to a study ( Walline et al 2007b ) A teens quality of life and their feelings about their appearance improves when they wear contact lenses to school . Participation in activities increase . Kids that wear glasses according to pictures shown to them of kids wearing glasses their opinion is that they look smart . Kids that rub their eyes frequently should not wear contact lenses . Disposable contact lenses are recommended for health reasons and convenience .
Transition contact lenses are now available , yes thats right , the contact lenses that change color with the sun . Come into our store and ask for a trial pair . I was thinking that if you try on a pair of colored contact lenses for fun , it will be worth dropping by , call us first for an appointment . I enjoy trying on the many different combinations of starburst patterns .