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Eye testing in Langley B.C. and White Rock, B.C.

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What is automated sight testing?

Automated sight testing is a safe, effective procedure to test your eyesight. The procedure you are about to undergo is called automated refraction. Automated refraction is an automated sight test which uses state of the art technology to: test and measure your vision; determine whether you can see more clearly with the help of corrective lenses; assess the strength of the lenses you may need.



What is the difference between an automated sight test and a complete eye health exam?

A sight test measures how your eye perceives an image and, how well your eye focuses that image on your retina. A series of lenses will be placed in front of your eye to see which lens brings the eye chart into clearer focus. In contrast, during a complete eye health exam the opthalmologist or optometrist will not only measure how well your eye focuses, he or she will also take a complete health history and will look inside your eyes to provide a detailed evaluation of your vision and eye health.

 Sight Testing in White Rock & Langley, BC

Do I qualify for an automatic sight test?

If you are between the ages of 19 and 65, are in good health, and have not experienced any sudden change in your vision or unusual visual symptoms, then automated refraction is a safe and effective way to test your vision. In between regular eye health exams, it can also be used to update your prescription to ensure your lenses are enabling you to see clearly.

Who will conduct my test?

A specially trained refracting optician will conduct this test. A refracting optician is trained to conduct automated sight testing and to make and dispense corrective eyeglasses. Automated sight testing is a safe choice for obtaining corrective lenses.

The automated refraction can help determine the right prescription for your eyes, allowing you to see more clearly, but it  will not evaluate the overall health of your eyes, or identify any underlying illness that may be affect your vision. Many eye diseases or underlying health problems that can affect your vision may have very subtle symptoms. Refracting opticians are neither trained or licensed to give exams to determine overall eye health. Your family doctor will also help you decide if you need to see an optometrist or opthalmologist for an eye health exam, and other more specialized eye care.