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  • Temple Replacements
  • Replacing Eye wires
  • Replacing Nosepads
  • Replacing Guard arms
  • Replacing Screws
  • Most Repairs done on premises
  • Ultra Sonic cleaning


If you wear eyeglasses every single day of your life in order to see clearly, eventually an accident will happen to your eyewear. Even the most careful of us will experience damage to your eyeglasses, be it from the frames becoming fractured, or even the simple need for a reshaping due to changes in the frames or our own physical shape. However, if you do not want to replace your frames, there is really no reason to. You can find the expert help you need to get your eyeglasses back to perfect form with a simply visit to Debbie Mozelle Designer Optical.


Eyeglasses frames can become snapped and crushed without us ever realizing. Whether you need your frames to be completely restored, are simply missing a small screw, or just need a new pair of nose pieces to improve the comfort and quality of your eyewear, you can find the help you need from Debbie Mozelle Designer Optical. From arms to lens coatings, you can always be certain that you will find the help you need to get your frames back to perfect working order once more.


For the professional help you need to repair your eyeglasses, without the high costs of replacement, be sure to visit Debbie Mozelle Designer Optical. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team strives to provide the best in optical care technology with repairs and adjustments that can work to keep your eye care well within your budget range.