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There are Four seasonal Colorsnuancier


Summer and Winter: The cool colors


Spring and Fall: The warm colors


Every single person falls into one of these seasonal color categories, therefore you should choose a frame to match your own personal color analysis. If you look good in silver, you are most likely to be a summer or a winter cool tones. If you look good in gold , then you are most likely to be a spring or fall warm tones. If you look good in both colors, then you are most likely to be on a cusp between summer or winter If you follow these directions you will be able to tell if you are Summer, Winter, Spring , or Fall.


Take a piece of silver cloth and a piece of gold cloth and hold one at a time against your face around the neck area. The cloth that best enhances you will indicate the seasonal color that you are. Now take a look at your wrist area, the inside of your wrist. If you have blue undertones or white , then you are either a Summer or a Winter. If your wrists are golden then you are Spring or Fall. All Dark skinned people are winters. Winters look good in black frames, but not shiny black. If the hair is silver or platinum as i like to call it, then Winters look good in Matte Silver Frames. Winters always look good in bright colors too like reds or purples or emeralds.  Summers look good in shiny black or pure white frames or a combination of the two colors.Summers look good in blue and pink  frames. Spring people look good in copper frames matte or shiny. Fall people look good in dark brown shiny or matte.For Spring people wanting to go into a colored frame usually green will look good. Falls can also look good in matte gold frames antique colors as long as they are in the brown tones.


Here are a few examples of the different color types.


Claudia Schiffer is a summer. Blonde Hair and blue eyes


Mandy Moore is an autumn. Green eyes and Strawberry blonde hair.


Molly Ringwald is a spring. Red Hair Peachy complexion. Freckles


Katherine Zeeta Jones is a winter . Dark Hair light skin .


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