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Single Vision                                        $49.00

Single Vision Anti Glare                    $99.00   pres-lenses

Bifocals                                                  $79.00

Progressives                                         $139.00


All prices above include a free frame* some restrictions apply. We have a large selection of frames that are 50 to 100% OFF


New Wave Front Digital Technology Lenses No Peripheral Distortion Including Anti Reflection Coatings,Scratch resistant ,water repellent “Just like wearing a single vision lens”


Available in Clear               Prices vary

Available in Transitions    Prices vary


All above include a free frame* You may also wish to choose a frame for  50% OFF your choice (*Some Restrictions Apply)


Usually if you would like thinner lighter lenses 1.60 index is 30% thinner lighter and flatter and is about $80.00 extra 1.67 index is 40% thinner lighter and flatter and is around $125.00 extra  1.74 index is 50% thinner lighter and flatter prices vary on this depending on your prescription.


Multi Layer Anti Reflection Coatings are around $125.00 Extra you can see clearer at night time for driving or in a dim lit room.Please drop by our store  for a more detailed price quote.


Contact Lenses

Many different types to choose from


Acuvue bifocals                              $85.00  6 Pack

Acuvue Oasys                                  $90.00 12 Pack


We beat competitors price by 10% on written quotes


See more prices on our Contact Lens page.