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Progressive Lenses

Have you ever wondered which type of progressive lens to go with?


There is no such thing as a bad progressive lens. Different progressives have different reading widths. Some have more peripheral distortion than others.



The latest technology lenses are called ” New Wave Front Digital Technology ” Instead of having only two curves on the back surface of the lens they have twelve curves. These lenses are close to wearing a single vision lens. They have virtually no distortion. We have switched people from wearing flat top 35mm trifocals to these type lenses and they have adapted to them immediately. We recommend this lens over all progressives. Clear distance , intermediate and close up vision for visually active individuals. Instant adaptation. You will love them. If you have tried progressives before and could not adapt to the lens, then this lens is for you. Thousands of calculations minimize all lens distortions. The prescription is electronically converted through software which delivers superior visual results.These are high definition free form digital back surface, aspheric surface on the inside.


The next progressive lens to the ” New Wave Front digital technology lens” is called Precise. The unwanted astigmatism areas are pushed off to the sides of the lens at above the 180 degree line, so even though the lens has only two curves the distorted areas are very soft. The lens is very easy to adapt to. It is an award winning lens design.


The last progressive lens is called Navigator, it has a generous reading area and is the least expensive and still works quite well. We all know progressive lenses have been around for over twenty years and so the molds are all high tech.


When purchasing your progressive lenses it is all about price. The more coatings you want on a lens the more money it costs. It is a question of what you are used to and whether or not you could adapt. Progressive lenses if fitted correctly are easy to adapt to. If your prescription is above a minus three or above a plus three , then high index lenses may be required to make the lens thinner. The higher the index the thinner the lens. Choosing a frame where your eyes are centered right in the middle of the frame will be most cosmetically pleasing. If you drop by our store we can advise you which lens and frame are right for you. Opticians have high ethical standards. We are licensed professionals. We are there to assist you. We want you to be happy and comfortable with your new eyewear. We look forward to seeing you soon!