Caring For Your Eyewear

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Caring For Your Eyewear


Taking care of your glasses is an easy yet important step in ensuring they stay in top condition.  You want your glasses to last for many years and have optimum visibility while wearing them.



To clean your lenses, wet your eyeglass lenses with Debbie Mozelle Eyeglass Cleaner, or run lukewarm tap water over them using one small drop of dishwashing detergent.  Rinse well.


Wipe the lenses dry with a Debbie Mozelle Cleaning Cloth or a 100% cotton cloth, such as a  lint-free towel with which you would dry dishes.  Do not use paper towel or kleenex on your eyeglass lenses.  Paper products are made from wood fibers and are abrasive. Over time they will scratch your lenses.


Contact lenses require special care.  Each time you remove your contacts, clean them in contact lens cleaning solution.  Never share colored cosmetic contacts between friends for doing so can cause serious eye infection.