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Debbie Mozelle Designer Optical is an Opticians store located in White Rock and Langley British Colombia.


Looking good and seeing well!  There is more to it than meets the eye,”  says Debbie Mozelle, owner of Debbie Mozelle Designer Optical.screenhunter_4182-apr-22-14-01

Debbie is a sight testing optician and contact lens fitter in British Columbia, Canada,


Licensed by  The College of Opticians of B.C.


Debbie is also a certified optician with the American Board of Opticianry, and a Certified Contact Lens Technician with National Contact Lens Examiners.


a187c73d29b6d6bdffff83c1ffffe904Our store has very good prices on quality products. We have good looking frames, we can match the right frame to your face shape, and the prices are about the same as shopping online. I really like the fact that you can actually come into the store and try the glasses on. We can adjust the nosepads and make changes to the angle that the frame fits with our special optical instruments.Some people have one ear higher than the other one, or one ear further forward than the other. We can make any changes to the frame fit. We love it when someone buys a frame online, and brings it into our store to have us put the lenses into it. Good for them if they found a great deal online. We are living in the age of the internet so we have to stay modern and change with the changing times. We have one local hairdresser that comes in to our store once every two or three months, she takes advantage of our free sight testing, and upgrades her lenses all the time, she loves the designer frame prices that she can find online, but likes our follow up service. Sure you can find lower prices on the internet, in the end though it ends up costing the same; and it is nice to be served by a licensed optician as they are so friendly and easy to talk to. If you loose a screw or someone sat on your glasses, we are there for you and happy to make any repairs whilst you wait. It is great that we have all of these shopping choices, this gives more value to the customer. It gives a much larger selection to every one .Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you soon. The customer is king!


For more than 25 years the team at Debbie Mozelle Designer Optical have been proud to serve the community with a smile . The trendy eyewear store has much to offer , including a vibrant fresh collections of frames from Europe, fit and measured by proffessionals for ultimate comfort and style. Debbie Mozelle Designer Opticals frame stylists are waiting to assist clients in choosing the correct eyewear color for the season. We choose frames based on your coloring and lifestyle. Honesty is our best policy and that is why our customers keep coming back.For those of you that think shopping online can save you money. the prices online for contact lenses and eyeglasses are about the same, the big difference is that in our store you can actually try them on before you purchase. See what you buy before you pay, and the staff add the personal touch to fit the frame the way you like it. We are licensed Opticians, Licensed Contact Lens Fitters, and licensed sight testing opticians. We have good quality products at reasonable prices, and most frame repairs are done on pemises. The combination of hard working staff and a fun and friendly atmosphere and a fair pricing makes Debbie Mozelle Designer Optical and eyewear the obvious choice for glasses. If you are looking for something different come in and ask Debbie and the team about New Wave Front Digital Technology Progressive lenses, they are the latest with virtually no peripheral distortion. Whatever you are looking for we will help you find it. If the big brand names are not just what you need , then why not try our in house brand Debbie Mozelle Brand for men and women ; the unique frames are not available any where else. To thank our loyal customers , we give away trips to Mazatlan Mexico. For more information visit www.debbiemozelle.ca